Messenger Services

Quality Transportation's Messenger facilities are strategically located throughout the metropolitan areas we service, to provide a high service level with an efficient method of executing your time sensitive deliveries.

For your convenience we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We provide both on demand as well as pre-scheduled deliveries. We customize our service to your individual needs.

Please call our Customer Service Representative for pick-up requests. Be sure you receive a confirmation number for each delivery destination. The confirmation number will allow us to update any information or routing. To check the status of a delivery, all you need to do is call our Customer Service Representative and give your confirmation number. Our representatives will provide you with a proof of delivery and answer any additional questions you may have. To reach one of Quality Transportation's Representatives, please call (212) 308-6333.

All messengers are screened and have their references checked before they go through our new hire orientation program. This ensures that they become familiar with the tools needed to have a basic understanding of what is necessary to provide quality service and to represent Quality Transportation.